ACT® Scores Explained for Guardians

ACT® Scores Explained for Guardians


I’m Rhett Barbour and I started TorchPrep with the purpose of helping families navigate the college admissions process. We specialize in ACT test preparation about which you can find out more at TorchPrep.

Recently, your student took a practice ACT test at school in collaboration with TorchPrep. Hopefully, you’ve received the scores either from your school or through text message. 

In the video below, I explain:

  • What the ACT is
  • What the ACT means for you
  • What is a “good” ACT score?
  • How the ACT can help you with your college plans
  • How to increase your ACT score

So, watch the video below and let us know if we can help you on your journey to maximize your ACT score. Your score can help you get into the college you want, and maybe even get you some of those coveted scholarships!

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