TorchPrep Digital Boot Camp (Self-Paced)

Price: $199.99

This digital training tool will walk you step-by-step through how to beat the ACT® test over the span of 6 hours of video content, 10 hours of guided practice work, and 14 hours of Official ACT® practice tests.  We give the low down on exactly how the the test sections are structured and provide you with strategies for attacking each question.

Included in this online course is our physical materials pack.  In addition to receiving access to our digital course, you will receive a shipment including:

  • The official ACT® Prep Guide (referred to as the red book)
  • The TorchPrep Boot Camp Manual
  • ACT® testing timer

We will send a confirmation email with every detail you’ll need to get your test prep journey started.

1 Digital training course (approx. 30 hours)
-Guided Notes
-Guided Practice
-Four Full Practice Tests
Cost: $199.99

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This is a self-paced modual based test prep course. Purchasing this online course does NOT include live in-person or virtual tutoring.