Digital ACT® Boot Camp

Accessing TorchPrep’s Digital Boot Camp

Welcome to TorchPrep’s Digital Boot Camp! If your school has provided you access to TorchPrep’s Digital Boot Camp resources, this page will equip you with the basic information and instructions you’ll need to get started.

In order to register for TorchPrep’s Digital Boot Camp:

  1. Find the coupon code provided by your school. You’ll need it in order to register.
  2. Click here to access TorchPrep’s Digital Boot Camp hosted by Teachable.
  3. To register for the course, you’ll need to complete the checkout process. Be sure to use the coupon code from your school in order to access the course at no cost to you.

Once you’ve registered for the course, you can complete it at your own pace. Your school may suggest a timeline for completing the course, or you may want to follow the timeline laid out in the course itself. 

We are excited to partner with you as you work to reach your peak ACT score!

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