K-Prep Base Camp

life is full of tests.

K-Prep is just one of them.

K-Prep BaseCamp

TorchPrep’s BaseCamp Seminars bring together Test Prep, SEL, and Core Content to improve on K-Prep scores, reduce test anxiety, and create a culture of fun.

Base Camp

Reduce Test Anxiety
Increase Confidence
Improve Test Scores

ACT Base Camp

How we do it:

Confidence & Identity

We believe Kentuckians don’t have an intelligence problem, we have a confidence problem. Using research backed methods, TorchPrep trains students to combat test anxiety, to increase their self confidence, and to enhance their school’s culture.

Test Prep

As a professional test prep agency, teaching kids the “tricks” to successful test taking is our bread and butter. From K-Prep, to the ACT, basic testing skills create anything but basic results.


Success on the K-Prep’s Reading and Math tests are very similar to the ACT. We equip each student identify their “Low-Hanging Fruit”. Most kids have more content capacity than we realize, they just have trouble finding their capacities within the tests.

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