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Date and Time
Friday, 8/12/2022 – 8:45am-12:15pm

Mariemont High School
1 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, OH 45227

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Registering for this test DOES NOT mean you must sign up for the TorchPrep Boot Camp. This is simply an opportunity for any interested student from your school to take a practice test.

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When inclement weather affects a scheduled course session, a decision regarding cancellation will be made at least 1 hour before the session time. In the event that a session is cancelled, students and parents will be notified via e-mail. There will also be a bulletin on the home page of TorchPrep indicating the cancellation.

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Student reviews

Thank you Torchprep! My daughter's score went up 4 points! That is HUGE! Money in the bank for scholarship opportunities (as much as $8,000 more dollars). Your course is worth every penny!
I'm usually a pretty good test taker. I wasn't sure why I was struggling. But TorchPrep showed me ways to utilize my time better and how to really excel. I was so excited that I jumped 6 points!! Taking this class just opened all kinds of doors for me!

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You've Got Questions? We've got answers!

What makes TorchPrep Different?

We hate the ACT.  So why do we do test prep?  We care about students and families that are stuck in the standardized testing system.  We teach every student they are valuable and safe. We also teach them how to crack the code on this test.  

Can We Help You?

It’s the only reason we’re in business.  After training thousands of students in our in-person classroom training, we average an increase of 3 points.  Students, believe it or not, also really enjoy our class. So yes, we can and will help you.

Why is the ACT® test so difficult?

The ACT is like no other test a student takes. It’s incredibly long - just under 4 hours. It covers a huge breadth of content - essentially most of your education. It’s incredibly complex - it's designed to test how well you can test.

What does an improved ACT score do for you?

A better ACT score is a financial investment, regardless if you're scoring high, low, or in the middle.  It unlocks huge amounts of scholarships, admissions, and avoids paying for high school classes in college.


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