Practice Work – Summer Intensive – Session 3

Practice Work

Summer Intensive – Session 3

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Session 3

1. (Reading) Complete the Reading test on pg 103 – 119 in Boot Camp Manual

    • Use the Reading strategies and Code Crackers to complete passages V-VIII
    • Check your answers and explanations when finished on pg 120-126 in Boot Camp Manual

2. Work on “Problem Area Concepts” from Math Homework Guide Checklist

    • 60 min
    • If you’re using the 2021-2022 Red Book, visit https://torchprep.com/mathchecklist21/
    • If you’re using the 2022-2023 Red Book, visit https://torchprep.com/mathchecklist22/
    • Pick at least  2 Concepts from your Math Homework Guide Checklist
      • Watch Video for concept (if it exists)
      • Print and complete KUTA worksheet
      • Work on the other ACT® test problems on the same concept
      • Click Here for video explanations for questions from your third Red Book Math Test.

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