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Private Tutoring,
the TorchPRep way

One-On-One tutoring for most high school courses

Virtual private tutoring is for you if:

Covid-19 got in the way of learning important content the traditional way

You need a flexible schedule in the comfort of your own home

You want focused attention to fill gaps

You’re trying your best, but you’re still not getting the grades you want

You want to get into the very best college you can

1 on 1 training

Discover how TorchPrep Virtual Private Tutoring Works

A Plan For Every Need

Meet Donna, our Private Tutoring Coordinator!

Meet Donna, our Private Tutoring Coordinator!

Donna is thrilled to provide our Private Tutoring branch because she is passionate about one-on-one tutoring. Though Donna has taught in many groups settings– an elite East-coast boarding school, packed auditoriums, after-school clubs in Chicago’s Cabrini Green Housing Project–she believes teens learn best when a great teacher can connect with them individually. She’s watched her own ten kids blossom academically, emotionally, and socially after being privately tutored. Donna’s masterclass “How to Raise Lifelong Learners,” developed by The Great Courses/Teaching Company showcases her enthusiasm for tutoring. Her alma mater, Brown University, recently featured her in an article about education during the pandemic.

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Individual Sessions

$ 100/hr
  • Free initial consultation
  • Schedule as many one-hour sessions as you like
  • Virtual meetings from the comfort of your home​

10-Hr Package

$ 890
  • Free initial consultation
  • Save money with 10-session package
  • Schedule your sessions as frequently as you and your tutor like
  • Virtual meetings from the comfort of your home​
  • See Remarkable Results
Top Pick

Comprehensive Package

30 hours, up to 3 different subjects
$ 2,500
  • Free initial Consultation
  • Save the most with the Comprehensive Package
  • Use all 30 hours in one subject, or split between 2-3 subjects
  • Virtual meetings from the comfort of your home​
  • See Remarkable Results

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