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Test Optional: What does it mean in 2023?

Test Optional policies that went into effect during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic are changing.  Universities originally shifted to “test optional” because students couldn’t find available test sites. But now that test sites are open and everyone has access once again, the landscape is changing. Now “test optional” means different things at different schools and college admissions is more confusing to navigate than ever.


Generally speaking, “test optional” can be divided into a couple different camps. Some schools require the ACT® test for scholarships. Other schools want test scores for specific fields of study. The most common form of “test optional” is schools requiring the GPA to be higher if no test scores are submitted with an application.  This can be a benefit for some students who have been working to maintain a high GPA since their freshman year, but for students with a  lower GPA  scoring well on the ACT® might be the easiest path to college admissions.


At this point you may be asking yourself, “So, should the ACT® test score be on the application or not?”  Thankfully,  Yale university recently put out an article about standardized test score policy.  In short, submitting a score almost never hurts an applicant’s chances of getting into a school, so TorchPrep highly recommends maximizing your test score and checking your schools of choice for specific policies and submit scores when it seems advantageous.


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