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School Partnerships

You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of wondering if your students are ACT® test-ready. What if we told you that your own teachers could be running excellent in-house ACT® test prep with proven methods?

With TorchPrep University, your amazing teachers will be trained to help your students press on – with hope – toward their future. Together, we can change the ACT® test culture for your students!

Awesome Teachers +
Proven Curriculum =
Higher ACT Scores

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We Train Your Teachers

We train your teachers to be ACT® test rockstars. Your teachers will receive professional development to be equipped in our “best in class” student engagement techniques, curriculum, and TorchPrep Code Crackers. They will be able to motivate students and provide them with top-tier ACT® test strategies. From there, teachers will have a year of access to our tools and resources to keep sharpening their skills.

Now it’s time for your teachers to shine! Your TorchPrep certified teachers are ready to provide students with a classroom experience like they’ve never had before! Plus, you get to implement the course and curriculum however you want. Whether you run your course in the evenings, during the school day, or on weekends, you’ll be using proven strategies to engage the hearts and minds of students to set them on the track to success.

You Train Your Students

Your Students Crush the ACT® Test

Once you’ve implemented the curriculum, your students will be ready to crush the ACT® test. They will walk with confidence knowing they are more than a test score. Then, after the test they’ll have increased scores, access to more colleges, and opportunities to help them win more scholarships. Your students can beat this test!


You've Got Questions? We've got answers!

What do I get?

Your school will receive an annual license to use TorchPrep’s proven curriculum and resources with your students. You will also receive professional development training in ACT® test prep and how to implement our systems. You can successfully run an ACT prep course with your students that is customized to your school’s schedule and needs.

What don’t I get?

You will not receive direct student training from TorchPrep. It is designed to equip YOUR best teachers with the skills and resources needed to help your students maximize their scores.

How much does it cost?

Well, that depends . . . seriously. Annoying, right?! The total cost really is impacted by how you choose to implement, so let’s jump on a call (fill out the form below) to discuss.

Does it work?

See the video above!

Can I use this in an after-school program?

Yes … or a during school program … or a before school program … or basically any program you could dream up! We will help you customize our curriculum and resources to fit your needs and schedule.

Why not just create our own ACT prep course?

You totally can. But you’ll be starting from scratch which means you’ll need a lot of time, energy, trial, and error. Our program took about 1,000 hrs to create and since has been tried and tested for over 14 years. Over 40,000 students can attest to its value and impact. TPU is designed to help you leapfrog all that upfront work and help students increase their scores immediately.

Ready to see how your school can partner with TorchPrep?

Full-length, no obligation, retired ACT® practice test.

You administer it, TorchPrep grades it.

We provide access to everything you’ll need to administer a full-length retired ACT® test to your students. Once completed, ship the answer sheets back to us and we will grade and analyze the results. You’ll receive a report with a snapshot of your students’ performance.

Fill out the form and we will reach out to get your test scheduled!