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Equip Teachers. Elevate Student Test Scores. Change Lives.

You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of wondering if your students are ACT-ready. What if we told you that your own teachers could be running excellent in-house ACT prep with proven methods?

With TorchPrep University, your amazing teachers will be trained to help your students press on, with hope, towards their future. Together, we can change the ACT culture for your students!

TorchpreP University™

What is TorchPrep University?

Awesome Teachers + Proven Curriculum = Higher ACT Scores

We Train Your Teachers

We train your teachers to be ACT rockstars. Your teachers will undergo a 2-day seminar at which they will be equipped with our “best in class” student engagements, curriculum, and TorchPrep Code Crackers to motivate and provide your students with ACT strategies. After this, teachers will have access to year-long professional development to keep sharpening their skills.

You Train Your Students

Now it’s time for your teachers to shine! Your TorchPrep certified teachers are ready to provide students with a classroom experience like they’ve never had before! Plus, you get to schedule the trainings your way. Whether you train in the evenings, during the school day, or on weekends, you’ll be using proven strategies to engage the hearts and minds of students to help set them on the track to success.

Your Students Crush the ACT

Once you’ve implemented the trainings, you’re going to see students who are ready to crush the ACT. They will know they are more than a test score and they are going to come back after the test ecstatic, with increased scores, access to more colleges, and with opportunities to help them win more scholarships. Your students can beat this test!

TorchpreP University™

Who is TorchPrep?

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