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College Readiness Pathways

Test Prep, High School Readiness, & SEL Tools Used in partnership with GEAR UP, TRIO, & FSCS programs

Who is TorchPrep?

Secret Sauce = Provoke + Instruct + Entertain

  • Fact: Tests are boring
  • Fact: Standardized tests are extremely boring
  • Fact: Test prep is unbearably, horrifically, unacceptably boring

Provoke: We push students to develop an innovative, creative, and strategic approach to both education and life as a whole.

Instruct: We deliver content in a clear, concise fashion that the listener can comprehend and build upon. Sound instruction is paramount for our success, and it is a hill we die on.

Entertain: We bring large amounts of energy, stories, and interpersonal skills to the table. Our zeal is enough to carry students through the entire Boot Camp.

Develop your plan for SEL, KSA Prep, Test Prep, & High school readiness

Blitz – One or Two days of testing strategy, anxiety reduction, and confidence building. Higher scores for students and schools. Designed for students below college & career readiness benchmark.

Professional Development – 3hrs, 6hrs, or custom timelines. Take teachers/staff from 0-60 in terms of ACT comfort. Participants leave with understanding of the ACT and how to instigate change for their students.

Base Camp & KSA Prep – KSA scores can increase while also making test anxiety a distant memory with this 1 day training designed around the latest data in social & emotional learning. Use for general testing anxiety or in connection to any school accountability test. *Curriculum options also available.

Data – We give your students a Launch Test and report data based off ACT College & Career Readiness standards. We then work with you to build a plan for remediation. We take care of it all!

Self-paced, digital Boot Camp – TorchPrep’s core curriculum delivered Digitally, on-demand. Use in tandem with Blitz or TorchPrep University.

TorchPrep University – We partner with schools to equip teachers to run in-house ACT test prep. You pick your best teachers and we make them ACT experts. Autonomy for your teachers and schools and confidence in over a decade of tried and tested curriculum.

Sprint –  90 min of Virtual Testing Strategy – Only the highest level training so students enter the test knowing how to maximize their score using general test taking strategies.

Ready to see how your school, GEAR UP, TRIO, FSCS, or any other program can partner with TorchPrep.

Submit your info and we’ll connect with you soon!


Submit your info and we’ll connect with you soon!