Practice Work – Boot Camp – Session 4

Practice Work

Boot Camp – Session 4

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A few simple reminders as you engage the practice work and practice test this week:

  1. Don’t follow your heart! It’s not what feels right …
  2. Diagnose before you decide
  3. Use Clear, Concise, and Effective language
  4. Keep fighting for your Destination Score
  5. Stay up with your Practice Work commitment

Below you’ll find the assignments for this week.

Session 4

1. (English) Finish the English practice test that you may have started during English session on pg 10 of Boot Camp Manual

  • Grade it with annotations staring on pg 56
  • Re-work the problems you missed and/or found difficult using the Annotated Test explanations on pg 56 in Boot Camp Manual

2. (English) Re-work/review mistakes on practice tests for English

  • RE-WORKING missed problems and THEN reviewing explanations is the single most valuable activity you can do to improve your scores!!!
  • Re-work problems you missed
  • Only AFTER you’ve re-worked the problems on your own, review the explanations
  • Every test question from the Red Book has an Explanatory Answer in the back. Review the Explanatory Answer for each question you missed on the English Test.

3. (English) Work on “Problem Area Concepts” from English Diagnostic Checklist

** Work through the other ACT® questions for any tests you’ve completed for that concept.

4. (Reading) Complete the Reading test on pg 103 in Boot Camp Manual

  • Use the Reading strategies and Code Crackers to complete Passages V-VIII
  • Check your answers and explanations when finished on pg 120 in Boot Camp Manual

5. (Math) Re-work/review mistakes practice tests for Science & Math

Suggested timeline for Week #4

  • Day 1 –  Finish English practice test and re-work questions with Annotated form (45 min)
  • Day 2 – Finish Reading practice test on pg 109 of Manual (45 min)
  • Days 3-6 – Re-work missed questions and review explanations (60 min)
  • Days 5-7 – Work through Purdue OWL/Chomp Chomp exercises (approx. 60 min total)

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